Hangover Part II Makes $10.4 Million at Midnight

Comingsoon: Fans of Todd Phillips 2009 comedy hit The Hangover were out late last night seeing the anticipated sequel The Hangover Part II, which puts the characters played by Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms in Thailand. In midnight screenings alone, it has already grossed $10.4 million.

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mindedone4092d ago

My friends are telling me it's not that good, has anyone here seen it? If I DO see it, it will be for free, so it's all good.

JL4092d ago

It's been getting pretty average reviews from what I've seen. Nowhere near the good reviews that the first got. Seems in rehashing the same movie they just lost some of the magic of it.

alycakes4091d ago

This is one I'll probably wait on for the dvd to come out.