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Spoilers on House, Fringe, Psych, Castle, Royal Pains, Dexter and More

TV Line - Question: Now that Lisa Edelstein has opted not to return for House‘s eighth season and Jesse Spencer appears to be a lock to come back, should we be prepared for any other long-term castmembers leaving?

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alycakes4094d ago

I had an idea already of how they were going back with Castle just picking up where they left off. House is a mess and I'm not sure where he's going except back to rehab maybe.

The one I'm disappointed about is Fringe...if they have a whole season without Peter trying to pretend all is normal then I can't say that I would watch it because none of what is happening would have even happened if he hadn't existed so it wouldn't be logical....I have to think in logic so therefore it would be stupid to write the story that way. I will watch the premier episode to see what they do with it but I can't say if I can stick with it after that.