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C&G Reviews - The Hangover Part II

The Hangover Part II offers exactly what the title promises. It’s more of the same raunchy n’ dark comedy from the first movie and unfortunately that’s both a good and a bad thing. While director Todd Phillips (Road Trip, Old School) and his writers have taken advantage of the success of the original to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable in an R-rated comedy and create some of the most fucked up imagery ever scene in a movie released by a major studio, they are also slaves to the formula they created in the first movie. If you saw The Hangover you know the exact plot of The Hangover Part II and can probably work out the film’s mysteries before the painfully hungover protagonists. It takes the element of surprise away that made the first movie such a success and can definitely be irritating. Fortunately there are still enough talented people involved for the movie to reach a laugh count that will satisfy anyone who buys a ticket, but there’s no danger of it becoming an instant comedy classic like the original.

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