Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel Officially Cast in Total Recall; Filming Starts Monday in Toronto

Collider says:

Last month we heard that Sony Pictures had offered Kate Beckinsale the role of Lori opposite Colin Farrell in their Total Recall remake. With her husband, Len Wiseman, directing the project and given that they previously collaborated on the Underworld movies, it wasn’t really much of a surprise. However, sources have now told us that she’s officially signed on and Jessica Biel is going to play the other female lead (Melina). In addition to the casting news, we’ve been told filming starts Monday in Toronto.

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alycakes4093d ago

It's a good cast and I liked the initial story but I think this one will turn out much better than the first one.

Crazay4092d ago

The first was awesome but I do love me some Beckinsale and Biel.

alycakes4092d ago

Yeah! Both of them are great! I'm a woman but I'm comfortable enough to say that they are both beautiful and have a lot of talent so they will both add to the mix well.

Quagmire4092d ago

Wonder who's gonna be the three titted-chick.