Disney's The Lion King Goes Hi-Def and 3D

Disney is set to give fans a treat as they release The Lion King like it’s never been seen before: in hi-def and 3D. The Lion King, which is currently in “The Vault”, is set to be released again on Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D. This Diamond Edition release will see the Disney classic hitting shelves on October 4, 2011.

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darklordzor3231d ago

Can't wait to have this on blu-ray. 3D, I could live without, but I'm glad to finally get a HD release for this. Now I can share one of my favorite animated films with my son.

Crazay3231d ago

My wife is probably want to get this - I'm not a fan of the movie. Mind you that's because of all the singing and dancing. I just can't sit through that.

South Park The Movie was the rare exception

JL3231d ago

Disney movies have really been about the only musicals I can stand (South Park I like, of course). But the fact that they're essentially musicals never bothered me about Disney movies. I love The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan and even like their stuff like Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. Grew up on Disney movies and have always enjoyed them.

JL3231d ago

Indeed. It being on Blu-ray is great. Hell, just having it out of the vault is great. I no longer have a copy of the movie. And just a couple of weeks ago me and my brother were wondering when it would come out of the vault so we could pick up a copy.

Crazay3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

I agree that it being re-released on BluRay is a good thing. I have a little one that's fast approaching the age were she'll love that movie. She's a huge Toy Story fan!

darklordzor3230d ago

Me too Crazay, in fact he's just about there. He'll sit through almost an entire movie now. He really seemed to enjoy Aladdin, so I'm hoping he likes this one!

MastaMold3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Been waiting for this to movie to hit Blu-Ray u took your sweet ass time

dreamtheater873230d ago

I saw the blu ray trailer for this on the Tangled blu ray, and it looks stunning. I've never seen a hand drawn animation look so crisp. It even looked better than the very recent Princess and the Frog. Very excited!

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alycakes3231d ago

I love this movie and I have it on dvd for myself even. It's one of my favorite Disney.

Garethvk3230d ago

Love the film but I am sick of all the lame 3D converion. If you do not film in 3D it is not a 3D film. I have to admit I lost some respect for James Cameron who has championed 3D filming with the new technology and has spoken out about conversion when he announced they are converting Titanic.

Nes_Daze3230d ago

One of my favorite Disney movies on 3D? Seems pretty good.

mindedone3230d ago

the broadway play was my fist date w my gf, together four years. She's gonna love this

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The story is too old to be commented.