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Liam Neeson's Unknown Gets DVD/Blu-ray Release Date

Warner Home Video have announced a DVD and Blu-ray release date for the thriller Unknown. Being released on DVD and a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack, the movie will hit shelves on June 21, 2011. There’s not much bonus material at all that will be released with the DVD and Blu-ray. You can find all the details below, though, along with the official box art.

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Crazay4665d ago

Morning JL - up and at it nice and early I see.

I really wanna see this movie. I'm a big Liam Neeson fan.

JL4665d ago

Always ;)

And yea I really wanna see it too. Gives me that "Taken" vibe which I loved. I definitely like Neeson as well. Meant to get around to seeing this back when it was in theater, but that fell through. I'll definitely be picking it up on DVD when it releases, though.

Crazay4665d ago

Ya - that's another reason why I need to check this one out. Taken was such a good movie this is no doubt just as awesome.

gaden_malak4665d ago

Taken is better than Unknown, but I did enjoy Unknown a lot.

alycakes4665d ago

I'm also a big fan of his. I'll be adding this movie to my collection also.

Soldierone4665d ago

About time. A lot of movie released early this year are taking forever to come out. I think ive seen newer movies come out faster to be honest, like The Green Hornet is already out.

I wanna see this one though, very interested in the idea.

Sahil4665d ago


Can't wait to watch this one.. :)

alycakes4664d ago

Even though action and drama are more of what he does of the movies I liked him best in was Love Actually where he played stepdad to the young boy who thought he was in love with a girl in was one of the funniest movies parts for him and the little boy...

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