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Entertainment Focus - Review: The Hangover Part II

On the eve of his wedding, Stu (Ed Helms - The Office) convinces his friends Doug (Justin Bartha - National Treasure) and Phil (Bradley Cooper – The A-Team) to travel with him to Thailand for the big day. It takes some convincing but Stu reluctantly allows Alan (Zach Galifianakis – Due Date) to come along for the ride too. With Stu very conscious of what happened in Vegas last time around, he wants to make sure nothing like that occurs again. With his fiancée’s younger brother Teddy (Mason Lee – Chosen) in tow Stu, Doug, Phil and Alan decide to have one beer at the beach. What could possibly go wrong? The next morning the guys find themselves in Bangkok with no recollection of what happened and only a severed finger and a monkey for clues. Worse still is that Teddy has gone missing. The Wolfpack must reform if they are to find Teddy and get Stu to the wedding on time.

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