Top 5 Tuesday: The Top 5 Movies to Ruin a Great Franchise

This week in Top 5 Tuesday, TMP takes a look at the films that ruined a once thriving and incredible franchise, in celebration of the recent release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

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JL4100d ago

I don't get the hate to the Matrix sequels. I loved the whole trilogy, including really enjoying both of the sequels. I actually thought all of them were pretty much on par with one another (just the second one tried a tad bit too hard).

I also enjoyed X3 and don't understand the hate for that one either. I found nothing wrong with it really that would make me not like it or even make me understand the hate for that one either.

The last Indiana Jones I didn't hate either. I think people bag on that too much as well. Was it as good as the original trilogy? No. But it wasn't horrible like some people make it out to be.

Jurassic Park: I didn't care for them past the first one. I liked that one, but the others were just blah to me.

As for the Prequel Trilogy, I'll agree on that one. I don't even find the original trilogy to be as "so amazingly awesome" like a lot do, so the prequel trilogy definitely did nothing for me.

darklordzor4100d ago

I don't think it's so much about 'hating' these films, as it is, that they just weren't nearly as good as their predecessors. They had all the potential, all the elements, but was severely lacking, and sadly brought down the entire franchise as opposed to adding to them.

On the whole I liked all of the movies he listed too, but I can see where they weren't as good.

JL4100d ago

Whether it's about "hating" them or not, the thought here by the author is that these sequels actually brought down or destroyed/ruined the entire franchise. That seems like strong words to me. And whether you want to call it hate or not, it still implies that those sequels were just horrible movies. While I'll agree with some of them not being as good as the original, I don't think the Matrix/XMen sequels were horrible by any means. Nor would I call the last Indiana Jones horrible really.

Crazay4100d ago

I quite enjoyed ALL of the movies that you list so much hatred for. I agree and disagree with JL on the Star Wars front - No Star Wars isn't the end all be all of trilogies or even movies but the fond memories of them is what makes them so awesome for me and I suspect it's the same more many a Star Wars Geek.

alycakes4100d ago

I enjoyed XMen3 maybe more than the 2nd one. I also love The Matrix trilogy. Some people didn't like Matrix because they said they had to think to much and couldn't just sit back and enjoy the movie....I didn't find that to be true at all. I like all the Indiana Jones movies and some weren't as great as others but they were still fun to watch. Harrison Ford is always fun in these movies.

Believe it or not I never saw the Star Wars prequels and probably never will...I love scifi but for some reason just didn't need to visit that.

kulka4100d ago

Jurassic park 3 may be a good movie perhaps the graphics will improve from previous versions with the improvment in technology