SPL!NG Review: The Hangover Part II (2011)

Spl!ng writes:
If you loved it when Ferris took a day off school and howled when the Superbad crew hooked up with the police, then The Hangover Part II is what you’ve been waiting for. Dirty jokes, Mike Tyson singing, a monkey with a penis-infatuation and what can only be described as a hotel room scene from The Beach are what The Hangover Part II’s all about. It could very well be the stuff of YouTube with the troupe of merry men hailing from all corners of Hollywood.

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MarronMarvel3607d ago

As the girl from Las Vegas whose 21st birthday was seemingly the inspiration for the original Hangover, I could not disagree more with the author's comment of "one you’d best skip or use as a credit or two to appease your significant other" directed toward the ladies.

Plus, the movie's official release is May 26th -- my birthday. It's a sign that it's definitely a must-watch. Probably with my girlfriends instead of with my significant other. Other than that horribly sexist line, however, this was a pretty good review.

spling3607d ago

The funny thing about *this* The Hangover "Part II" movie review is that it's almost an exact 'copy and paste' replica of The Hangover movie review written in 2009 with movie titles, location and one or two reference updates - done as a comment on the sequel's rinse and repeat formula. @MarronMarvel As far as the sexist comment goes... I'm sorry I offended you. I'm sure your kind would appreciate the fragile ulterior motives with which the remark was made.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33606d ago

I'll never understand the hate that 'The Hangover' gets. It's nothing groundbreaking, just a harmless comedy. Maybe it's garnered a little more popularity than it deserves, but so what. That being said, this movie does seem to recycle a lot of jokes so I'll probably just wait for it to hit DVD.

I do find it interesting though that Bridesmaids, a similar comedy that revieved far better reviews, wont earn half the BO of The Hangover 2. Not long ago somebody posted an article argueing that there is a lack of female comedians working in Hollywood - I think we know the truth is there is really a lack of people willing to watch those kinds of films.