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Get Low Review | Matt's Movie Reviews

The mighty Robert Duvall delivers an astounding turn as a man whose soul is burdened by the weight of regret in Get Low.

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Hi-Def Ninja: Get Low Blu-ray Review

Aaron writes: Get Low tells the story of an old hermit…well, the end of his story. The film is ostensibly a quirky comedy, with dark undertones and strong performances. The film is handled with a lot of subtlety, as it is about letting the older actors use the experience they have to create a story that should feel emotional for the viewer. While I did overall enjoy this film, the problem is that the story did not keep me at the level it was going for. It ended up being more about how great the lead actors could be in a story that is handled just okay. Still, there is a lot to like here.

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Sunny_D4794d ago

I thought Bill Murray did a fantastic job along with Duvall. But, everything else seemed lack luster.


Celluloid Zombie Review: Get Low

Felix Bush has lived a hermit’s life for over 40 years, keeping himself away from Thirties society in his cabin in the woods. He is the subject of local gossip, with stories constantly circulating about the possible evils of his past. When Felix feels his time may be coming, he engages the services of funeral director Frank Quinn to arrange a funeral party which he himself can attend, inviting everyone to come and tell the stories they have heard about him. However, Felix himself has a story to tell. The truth.

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Sunny_D4793d ago

Meh, this movie seemed uninteresting.


OS: Get Low Review

OS: The old man needs the ear of a preacher, just for a minute.

“About time for me to get low,” he mutters. And it takes a minute for the minister (Gerald McRaney) and us to understand. Old Man Bush (Robert Duvall) is ready for death. He’s making his preparations.

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