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The Hangover Part II Review | Matt's Movie Reviews

Like a bad case of déjà vu, The Hangover Part II is a cruder, much more morbid, and essentially less funny retread of the first film.

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darklordzor4658d ago

Wow, that sucks to hear. The commercials made it look great. Hmmm, I'll still have to check it out and see, but my hopes are much lower now.

Crazay4658d ago

I'm not even the least bit surprised by this. Comedies rarely if ever manage to live up to or surpass their predecessor.

Crazay4658d ago

The 1st one wasn't even all that good either.

darklordzor4658d ago

See, I really did like the first one, but never thought a great sequel would come of it. I was hoping, but didn't really anticipate it. Comedies don't really work out well for sequels (like you pointed out), but I hoped for this one to work.

alycakes4658d ago

I remember on the first one thinking that the funiest thing to both my husband and I was at the very end when they were showing the pictures from the wedding that they didn't even remember taking.

We both thought the movie was okay and funny at times but not extremely funny. I guess this one will be about the same.

Soldierone4658d ago

I thought the first one was funny as heck. I didn't want a second one though. Then to hear its the EXACT same formula as the first hopes are already going down the tubes. We will see though. I will be giving the film a chance, just will be expecting them to be trying to hard.

-MD-4657d ago

First one was overrated but it was enjoyable and at times funny. The scores the sequel is getting are disappointing.

JL4657d ago

I think the first one was a tad bit overrated, but I still enjoyed it and definitely found it funny. That being said, from the moment we found out that it was going to simply be a rehash of the first one, I knew this was going to be mediocre. Especially after the disappointing Due Date. Just had a feeling that was a bad sign of things to come, like Phillips has lost it (of course he's only ever "had it" on a couple of occasions).

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