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Best and Worst of Woody Allen

To coincide with the release of Midnight In Paris, Nick of Anomalous Material wrote a piece in which he lists his five favorite and five least favorite movies from the considerable oeuvre of the quintessential New York filmmaker Woody Allen.

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Crazay4392d ago

There is nothing compelling about anything that Woody Allen has ever done. I find his movies to be so boring that I've never sat through anything he's made because I've turned each and every single film off.

He's a talentless hack and I honestly don't understand how he's managed to make a career in the industry.

alycakes4391d ago

I just don't like the man so if he's in the movie I've never seen it. That being said I did see "Before the Devil Know You're Dead". It was a good film. Not one of the best I've ever seen but very well made and kept my interest. That's the only one I've ever seen on that list.

Sahil4388d ago

Anne Hall.. his best work ever, what a movie that was and a what a time!