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TheGameEffect | Treme: "Slip Away" Review

Treme is an interesting show in a lot of ways, but aside from the phenomenal writing, painstaking attention to detail, and knuckle-bitingly badass music, one of the most fascinating aspects of the show is its tempo. Okay, okay, so besides the semi-tongue-in-cheek musical reference, what it means is this: there's not a lot of action. Throughout Season One we kept waiting for something big to happen, some monumental event that would galvanize all of the seemingly unconnected characters into a fluid, cohesive storyline. We kept waiting and waiting; it kept building and building -- and then, bam!

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Megaton4099d ago

I'm kicking myself right now for letting this show get away from me (I've only seen 2 eps). I'm a huuuuuuge fan of David Simon after The Wire. I gotta catch up with this. TOP PRIORITY!