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The Voice Of TV: Let me begin this by giving a internet round of applause to ‘The Event‘. While I hate to see a show turn out to be a disappointment, I always enjoy a show that is so ambitiously bad that we enjoy watching what pathetic plot twist they will roll out with next. With that said, I had hopes for the series. The first half started off rather average, as I expected it to, but ever since returning to the schedule in midseason, the show continually degraded itself after each passing episode. Upon first glance, one could blame NBC for the poor ratings of the show due to lack of marketing. Now having seen what they have seen, can you blame them for not publicizing this show as much as they did with Law & Order: LA?

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alycakes4099d ago

First thing I thought of was that movie "Another Earth". I thought maybe they knew long before and maybe some of the shows story line will show up in the movie (bits and pieces). I don't know but it just looked too familiar....don't you think?

I myself was very disappointed in the way they decided to end the whole thing....they should have gone out with a bang.