Lenny Kravitz Cast as Cinna in The Hunger Games

Lionsgate has finally announced the casting for a major character in The Hunger Games, that fans have been waiting to hear about. After a few rumors, Lenny Kravitz has been officially cast as the stylist, Cinna.

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alycakes4102d ago

That's interesting...I can't even imagine seeing him in a movie. I don't think I ever have.

Crazay4102d ago

Lenny Kravitz is an average artist at best - I don't see what the hoopla is over him trying acting in this movie.

darklordzor4102d ago

Oh I agree. I didn't see the big deal either (I mean, he hasn't really done anything in the past several years), but I did like him in Precious, so I think he can do it.

Mostly I'm glad that just about everything is cast now, and production can get moving!