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Matt's Movie Reviews: Top Ten Sequels

With The Hangover Part 2 about to hit cinemas, Matt's Movie Reviews counts down its top ten sequels of all time.

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Megaton4096d ago

Empire is like THE sequel for me. Such a good movie, well above A New Hope.

Arcee4096d ago

Agree with the list, just not the numbering. But it is still a great list full of movies that went above and beyond what their predecessors did.

Crazay4096d ago

That's a good list but I think you forgot Rocky 4. I liked Day of the Living Dead far better than the original Dawn.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34096d ago

You mean Night of the Living Dead as the original, right? Personally, I prefer 'Night' to 'Dawn' although I realize that is an unpopular opinion. There is just something about it I find more horrifying; probably has to do with the claustraphobic setting. I also find the commentary on racism a little more interesting than the consumerist themes of 'Dawn'.

As far as Day of the Dead goes, I know a lot of people love that but to me it feels like the red headed stepchild of the trilogy. It just doesn't stack up to the previous films.

Crazay4096d ago

I meant to say Day of the Dead was beter than Dawn (in the original series). The makeup looked terrible, and i just didn't like it as much.

alycakes4096d ago

I'm with Arcee about the list but not the numbering. I think I would have replaced Dawn with Resident Evil Apocalypse...but that's just my liking.

newn4gguy4096d ago

I still don't understand the Toy Story 2 thing.

Sure, it holds up as a film, but it doesn't touch the first movie.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34096d ago

I'd agree with you there. I never felt the urge to revisit TS2. All of the TS films follow the same basic outline, but TS2 has the least going for it imo.

I would also say that I prefer Fellowship over The Two Towers. I found Fellowship to be superior visually, due in large part to all the shots Jackson lifts from Bakshi's work. I also like it better because it relies the least on CGI. I prefer old school choreography to large scale battle scenes that rely on CGI extras. And that whole story line with the 'ents' god.

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