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First Look at Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos, and Will Sasso as ‘The Three Stooges’

On Location Vacation: When it was first announced that Sean Hayes would play Larry in The Three Stooges I was skeptical, but after seeing these first photos of Sean in costume, it seems like he might be a perfect fit after all.

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JL4664d ago

I never doubted Hayes' ability to look the part necessarily. Instead, my skepticism comes from not having much faith that he can capture the personality/etc of the character and be the right match for the role and the style of the movie.

Crazay4664d ago

it looks cheesy - i'd rather see a proper promo shot of them.

alycakes4664d ago

It's not so much that for me as just making the 3 Stooges....I don't know that anyone can make them come alive again....not really.

Sahil4659d ago

I have a box set of Stooges CDs. In refers to “Curly’s” resentment of being forced to have his hair buzz cut, since being a womanizer, he thought it made him less attractive.

The reason we saw the demise of The Three Stooges on daytime TV was the fact that so much violence was portrayed in their work. At least that’s what the “politically correct” “moral majority” called it; despite the fact that all the impact sounds from tools and such were dubbed in afterward. Some kids actually were doing the eye-poking and head-banging that was so prevalent in their films.

Again, I don’t think we need a remake of the Stooges, but as I understand it, film deterioration has resulted in the loss of many of their episodes. Even on Nick at Night, or TVLand, when I sometimes catch the Stooges, I will be watching an episode and actually know when a part of it is missing.

No, there will never be another Three Stooges, as there will never be another Our Gang, or Leave It To Beaver, or The Andy Griffith Show (aka Mayberry RFD), or even another Steve McQueen. Some things are just better left to the originals, as they were perfect just as they were. The Stooges (with the originals, Moe, Shemp & Curly Howard, and Larry Fine) can never be properly replaced. And that’s the way it should be. The Three Stooges are dead; Long Live the Three Stooges. May they rest in peace!


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