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The Hard Road to Nowhere: Five Actors Deserving Better Roles

A Life in Equinox:
You might remember some months back when I presented to you a list of five actors lacking the love of mainstream Hollywood they so rightfully deserve. Upon reflection, I felt as if I had left out a certain segment of the actor talent pool. The ones that are seemingly loved by Hollywood but are trapped in a never ending spiral to redundancy and mediocrity. These are the talented ones. The ones that have proven they have the chops to be more than that person standing behind the idealized mainstream idol. Their the apparitions that never go away, and for good reason - they're simply too talented... if only the roles they were handed matched their natural endowment.

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Megaton4093d ago

Definitely agree with Jean Reno. Considering how good he is in movies like Leon and Ronin, you'd expect him to have gotten better/more frequent roles over the years.

JL4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

Yea I agree with Reno too. However, I think he's somewhat past his prime and that ship has sailed for him.

Megaton4093d ago

Yeah, unfortunately I agree with that too. He should have been getting better roles 10 - 15 years ago. Now I think it would be too little, too late.

alycakes4093d ago

He was wonderful...wasn't he? Do you think maybe he just didn't want to take too many roles? Maybe he's one of those actors that doesn't like to work too much.

Arcee4092d ago

He has a pretty impressive resume, but I believe he was just never given the proper chance to really shine past what directors and producers thought he could carry. Such a shame...

Crazay4093d ago

I really Like jeff Daniels and John C Reilly but don't have much use for Jean Reno. He never did anything for me.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

Ah yes, the Pam Grier curse. Kevin Kline falls into this category for me. I'd also like to see Karl Urban in more films; he was pretty good in Star Trek. Definitely worthy of leading man material.

xVeZx4093d ago

hes gonna be judge dredd in the remake apparently

Crazay4092d ago

That's right - He is Judge Dredd so his comeuppance is surely upon him I think.

Megaton4092d ago

They're remaking just about everything these days, aren't they?

Arcee4092d ago

Definitely agree with you on Karl Urban. I think he has a long promising career ahead of him... if he could stay away from more roles like Doom and Priest.

Crazay4092d ago

I think he did those because they seemed like fun movies. Not necessarily because he needed them.

Crazay4092d ago

Urban was born for the role of McCoy - He absolutely nailed that performance. I thought he was great in it.