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The Flix List: Top Ten Favorite Scene-Stealing Bad Boys

Hollywood does this all the time, making a ‘hero’ out of otherwise shabby characters. These are the kind of bad guys (obsessive stalkers, con artists, psychopaths, what have you) that makes us root for them despite their wickedness as we’re mesmerized by them more than we should be. In many cases, they not only steal the movie, they steal your heart in the process. Yes some are popular picks but I decided to include ‘em because their performances hold up well after repeated viewings. So here they are listed in random order (it’s hard enough to pick just ten, I spare myself the task of ranking them).

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Defectiv3_Detectiv34098d ago

William Hurt in 'A History of Violence'. He was in the movie for less than 15 minutes and got nominated for a best supporting oscar. 'nuff said.

And Heath Ledger made TDK. Whenever he was on screen the movie went from good to great.

alycakes4097d ago

Heath Ledger....that's a good one. The whole list is good but I really like Nick Cage in Face/Off and Gerard Butler in Phantom for my top favorites.....except that no matter now bad the Phantom was I couldn't hate him, I actually felt sorry for him.