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The 90s Spotlight: 1997

YellowBrickRoad writes:
Continuing with my 90′s theme…this week im listing my favorite movies from 1997. To add a little perspective 1997 was also the year that Princess Diana was killed, that Notorious BIG was killed, that the first Harry Potter book was published, and that the average price of a movie ticket was $4.59 (boy do I miss those days).

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Megaton4719d ago

Just going off the movies they listed there, my #1 would easily be The Fifth Element. Love that movie.

JL4719d ago

Yea, The Fifth Element would be more than Honorable Mention if I were going just on those movies. Though I'd have to say I like Men in Black and Face/Off more.

Good Will Hunting has to be my favorite from that year though. And there's a lot of others not mentioned here that I like more than those on this list.

Megaton4719d ago

My list would also include:
- Another Day In Paradise
- Austin Powers
- Boogie Nights
- Breakdown
- Chasing Amy
- Donnie Brasco
- Event Horizon
- Good Will Hunting
- Grosse Pointe Blank
- The Jackal
- Jackie Brown
- Jackie Chan's First Strike
- L.A. Confidential
- Orgazmo (lol)
- Princess Mononoke
- Private Parts
- The Saint
- Starship Troopers
- Wag the Dog

There were actually some AMAZING movies that came out in 1997 now that I've seen that list, none of which were mentioned here.

Arcee4719d ago

Going by the parameters of the list, I would say my top 4 would be

1. The Fifth Element
2. L.A. Confidential
3. Men in Black
4. Life is Beautiful

With 5 honorable mentions going to

- Boogie Nights
- Selena
- Good Will Hunting
- Cube
- Private Parts

alycakes4719d ago

I really liked Face Off. Like you said there were a lot of good movies that year.

Crazay4719d ago


I like that list of yours except for a few of the titles there.

Sahil4714d ago

My favourite movie of 1997 is definitely The Lost World Jurassic Park I think 1997 was the year that the Star Wars Original Trilogy was re-released into theaters…


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