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'Candy Land' Screenwriters: We Envision It As 'Lord of The Rings,' But Set in a World of Candy

Admit it. You think the Candy Land movie is one of the worst ideas in Hollywood history. A movie based on the children’s board game that itself seems specifically designed to numb the adult mind with its winding rainbow path past the domains of the nefarious Duke of Swirl and Lord Licorice and into King Kandy’s scrumptious kingdom. But what if the Cupcake Commons were, say, the Shire, and the Chocolate Mountains were Mordor? Because that’s what the Candy Land writers have in mind. Jonathan Aibel, who co-wrote Kung Fu Panda 2 with Glenn Berger, told EW at yesterday’s Hollywood premiere that they have ambitious plans: “We envision it as Lord of The Rings, but set in a world of candy.”

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JL4094d ago

Ok, I admit it. I think a Candy Land is one of the worst ideas in Hollywood history. A movie based on that game sounded just plain idiotic really and cheesy as all hell.

However, when the writer puts it like that, call me crazy, but that sounds kinda interesting. "Lord of the Rings set in a world of candy". Really. That sounds kinda interesting.

Though, in order to pull it off they really need to make sure it's not something cheesy or too kiddie. And preferably it should be at least a PG rating. While I'm sure it would never reach the level of LotR or even be that dark, it could still manage to be as fantastical as Chronicles of Narnia.

Crazay4093d ago

I thought it was a disastrous idea to begin with and to cal it Lord of the RIngs in a land of candy, I'm immediately checked out but who knows? Maybe this could become the Willy Wonka of this 21st century

newn4gguy4093d ago


JL4093d ago

lol Not sure if I'd go quite that far yet, but it does indeed add an element of intrigue to the movie. Gives me that sense that maybe there is a possibility it could turn into something really entertaining and good. Of course the writer could just be spewing hot air, as he is probably a bit bias.

Armadilo4092d ago

This sounds totally awesome just like Alice madness returns game