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Another Fairy Tale Gets a Dark Adult Remake

In recent times, it’s become something of a trend: take classic fairy tales and/or children’s stories and remake them into a more adult-targeted tale (with many having a darker feel to them). We’ve seen such characters as Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood receiving the treatment. Also in works are a darker retelling based on the Peter Pan character. Well, now we can add another to that growing list. The Little Mermaid will be getting a new movie that is a re-imagining of the classic tale.

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Crazay4094d ago

Maybe I'm just a twisted SOB but this is something I may actually want to see.

JL4094d ago

In theory I guess it sounds cool, but at the same time I know it will end up just getting made into some crappy love story that just infuses a dark "edge" to it more akin to something like Twilight.

I guess it doesn't help that I actually really like the Disney version of this tale. So, I fear anything else is just going to pale in comparison and kinda ruin it for me.

Crazay4093d ago

Ya - see I never liked many of the DIsney movies. Too much singing and dancing and all that crap. I like Pixar Disney and that's pretty well it.

alycakes4093d ago

They can do whatever except to Snow White. That is my go back to my childhood movie. I don't want to ever see it in any other way other than Disney's version. Other than that...I don't care because I probably won't go see them anyway.

Sahil4093d ago

Woah, i'll be the first one to go and see this, little mermaid is one of my favorites!!

no_more_heroes4093d ago

nice to see YOU here :)

Not sure I agree with this adult re-telling of these Disney classics. I like them the way they are. Although for The Little Mermaid, I was scared sh*tless by Ursela when I first saw it as a kid. Seeing Ursela and watching Jaws (plus the horror of the Universal Studios ride later on) at that young age are the main reasons behind my fear of everything that lives in water.

Oh God...

JL4093d ago

Well technically it's not a Disney classic. All these Disney classics are just old fairy tales from another source. In this case it's a Hans Christian Andersen tale. And Andersen's tale wasn't as cheerful and Disney-ish s Disney made it.

But I will agree that I really like Disney's telling of the story and not really sure I want to see it done any other way.

Quagmire4093d ago

I would LOVE to watch a dark version of Beauty and the Beast, or even Hunchback of Notre Dame instead of Little Mermaid

Arcee4093d ago

Okay, so Snow White is being remade in a dark and evil-ish tone (Starring Kristen Stewart no less *eww*), a retelling of Beauty and the Beast and now possibly The Little Mermaid. Hmm. They are really trying to kill the Disney versions of these huh? Just please oh please oh please Sleeping Beauty and Mulan alone. PLEASE!

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