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Player Affinity | The Killing - Undertow Review

Player Affinity writes: Day nine saw another big mislead revealed, more bad dialogue, and little progression in the case of Rosie Larsen's murder. There hasn't been anything outstanding about this series since its pilot episode (and there wasn't much then), but as the same tired patterns repeat again and again, The Killing seems to slip further from ever being a remarkable series and closer to being another standard police procedural with its only difference being focused on one case a season instead of an episode.

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Disney Reveals Why Moana Sequel Series Was Turned Into Theatrical Film

Moana 2 began life as a nearly-completed Disney+ TV series before Disney CEO Bob Iger turned it into a full-fledged theatrical sequel.


Risqué Business The Netherlands And Germany Review | Leisurebyte

Risqué Business The Netherlands And Germany Review: This Korean series adeptly delves into sexual culture, offering compelling insights through authentic narratives and experiences shared by interviewees.

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Can I Tell You a Secret Review: Stalking Docuseries is an Anxiety-Fuelled Nightmare | Leisurebyte

Can I Tell You a Secret Review: The series brings to the platform a thrilling story of stalking that will keep you on the edge of your seats throughout.

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