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First Trailer For The Muppets

If you saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides this weekend, you likely saw a trailer for The Muppets, although you wouldn’t of known it by the first half of the trailer. It starts off as a heart warming romance and then quickly switches gears once the Muppets appear on screen. It’s a very well done trailer and is definitely a must watch

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Castor4094d ago

Love it! Hilarious and clever way to create a memorable teaser.

Quagmire4094d ago

LMFAO, nice one. Halfway through I was think WTF? Am I watching the right trailer?

JL4094d ago

Yea, kind of a nice way they did it. I liked how the voice over actor reacted as well. "Kermit the...Frog?" His vocal reaction to the twist was pretty good.

Sahil4093d ago

Amy adams looks sweet, the trailer is nice!

Quagmire4093d ago

After her successful portrayal of a real life Disney Princess in Enchanted, I wouldnt have chosen any other lead for this film. Nice one.

Sahil4093d ago

Yeah, she was gorgeous in enchanted.. somebody agrees :)

alycakes4091d ago

This looks so cute! It's going to be a fun movie.