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‘Breakout Kings’ Review: There Are Rules - TVoTV

The Voice Of TV: We are drawing to a close of the first season of ‘Breakout Kings‘. It’s had its ups and downs, but the consensus thus far from my viewpoint is that the show has a working formula. Its genre works, the network that airs it is viable, and the series has shown that it can wow us. Maybe not every week, but for a greater majority of the season. As we head into the setup episode with “There Are Rules” we finally see that the team may be in trouble.

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alycakes4093d ago

I was pleased with this episode. I don't think it was down from last weeks at all. Each week they kick it up a notch. On this one they showed at the end to come together and stick up for Ray so the team could stay together.

This episode they had more men to go after but since they all were separate except for the last 2 it really didn't matter. Lloyd was very funny and convincing as a Marshall to get info out of one of the cons.

So far I'm happy with the show.