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Shadowlocked - Game Of Thrones S1E6 Recap

Shadowlocked - Summary: Lord Ned is wounded and Jaime is on the run. Between his wife kidnapping the Imp, and sending her brother-lover fleeing, I bet Lord Ned is Queen Cersei's personal favourable at the moment. Speaking of the Imp, Tyrion is still imprisoned in the Eyrie, but makes a desperate bid for freedom: winner take all. Daenerys embraces the Khaleesi within by completing some yummy Dothraki pre-birth rituals; her crazy-eyed brother finally gets what he's been asking for (in all senses, that phrase is true.)

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Jocosta4094d ago

Funny how they put the episode number in torrent format.

luke12345674093d ago

Just how websites do it Jocosta. Also, did you stop to think that maybe the torrent format is put like the episode number?