LRA - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Review

LRA writes: I still remember that opening weekend back in 2003, when nobody knew who Captain Jack Sparrow was and a good chunk of the population still either never took notice or were just oblivious to the soon to be legendary Johnny Depp. Depp up to that point had based his career on playing odd ball characters (hence his numerous collaborations with director Tim Burton) and after watching The Curse of the Black Pearl I remember being blown away, not by how awesome the movie was or even his performance, but more about how much it DIDN'T suck. Just about everyone thought going in that there was no way in hell a movie based off a theme park ride could be any good. While the movie itself was a good bit of fun, it was Depp as the now infamous pirate Jack Sparrow that stole the show, which for any fan of his work prior to that films release was regarded as par for the course from the actor. The two sequels that followed predictably focused on the lovable whelp but were underwhelming at best (and a complete bore at worst). Now we have the fourth chapter in the continuing adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow, but has this pirate been out at sea for too long or has he finally found his sea legs once again?

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