( Thor: Tales of Asgard Review

Arcee: Over the years, DC and Warner Animation have overwhelmingly handed Marvel their asses when it comes to the quality of their animated films. Not that Marvel is producing horrible animated titles… it’s just that DC is taking their properties seriously and going all out in terms of production, story and casting. Story in particular is where DC animated films are burying Marvel animated films. Sadly, with the release of Thor: Tales of Asgard this past week, that trend continues.

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mindedone4104d ago

Sounds like this guy started watching cartoons this decade

Arcee4103d ago

Nope. Been watching cartoon since the early 80s and have been a fan of animation since.

mindedone4103d ago

Then how, in the first sentence, do you manage to dismiss all the great marvel cartoons from the nineties, where all DC had to show was Batman. They are the reason people know about these characters in the first place.

Arcee4103d ago

The reviews states that I was comparing DC Animated FILMS to Marvel Animated FILMS. Not series.