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( Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen Review

TheDCD: It’s kind of weird how Donnie Yen is following in the footsteps of Jet Li and Bruce Lee when it comes to playing the legendary role of Chen Zhen. Lee played the role in the 1972 epic Fist of Fury, and Li followed up with it later in the immensely satisfying Fist of Legend. Now we have Legend of the Fist, with Yen giving his all as the World War I hero who makes a name for himself in Shanghai, befriending a local mafia boss by day and donning a mysterious warrior get-up by night to battle a corrupt Colonel and his murderous army.

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2 Asian Films Zepperoni is Eagerly Anticipating Later This Month

Zepperoni writes:
Been slowly getting back in the groove lately with Asian cinema ever since Kim Ji-woon’s latest film (that would be “I Saw the Devil”) has rekindled my interest. Over the last few weeks I’ve seen 2 pretty solid ones: Golden Slumber and The Good, the Bad, the Weird. You’ll be hearing my impressions on these flicks pretty soon, most likely at the end of the month where I usually wrap things up.

Anyway there are 2 Asian movies I’m super excited to see in the next two weeks. I’m gonna start with the one that’s coming out sooner which is Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen.

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JL4755d ago

13 Assassins I absolutely want to see. Hopefully I can see that soon. I love the throwback to the classic kung fu movies vibe that 13 Assassins has going for it.


THR: Legend of the Fist - The Return of Chen Zhen Review

THR: Although one expects more from producer Gordon Chan and director Andrew Lau of the "Infernal Affairs" trilogy -- which Martin Scorsese remade into "The Departed" -- "Legend of the Fist" still is good fun, a popcorn movie of epic proportions for kung fu fans.

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