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There Be Dragons (2011) - Popzara Review

Roland Joffé's well-intended historical epic falls victim to the whims of its director in deciding to dramatize history for the sake of its story. Full review by Chris Pandolfi.

alycakes4512d ago

I want to see this film but it's limited release in my area so I'll have to look for it. I think it's going to be very good even though there seems to be some controversy around it.


Clips from There Be Dragons | Matt's Movie Reviews

5 clips and a featurette from the true life drama There Be Dragons starring Charlie Cox and Wes Bentley.

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4539d ago
alycakes4538d ago

I'll be working it in between Thor and The Beaver which come out the same day.


There Be Dragons Trailer (

There Be Dragons is based on a true story of St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer and tells of a family’s drama during the Spanish Civil War.

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