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The Companions of Doctor Who - The 9th & 10th Doctors lasted just 4 seasons, far less than many other Doctors did, but thanks to the excellent production they have been arguably the most memorable. The dramatic turn that the series took towards the end of Season 1 of the newest Doctors has been thanks to the incredible writing and character development, and key to that is the interaction between the Doctor and his companions.

In this first conversation we'll take a look at the three major sidekicks that he's had in those first seasons, and what they meant to him: Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, and Donna Noble.

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Megaton4100d ago

Of that bunch... I guess Rose would be my favorite. The current companion, Amy, isn't too bad. Which reminds me, I still haven't seen any of the new season. F*ck.

alycakes4098d ago

Rose was my favorite. She was the one he fell in love with. He never really loved his companions, he was like a brother or a friend or a father but I don't think he was suppose to fall in love and he did with Rose.

During those episodes with Rose they also introduced Captain Jack Harkness which took to a spinoff on Torchwood....and I among many fell in love with him. He was a wonderful character...very complicated, handsome, and he couldn't die. How can you not just love that?

alycakes4098d ago

I was so excited to find out this weekend that Torchwood would be returning. The only bad thing is that Starz is going to show it on their network. They're in the works to try and bring it back to the BBC America and hopefully they can do that sooon.