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The 10 Funniest Female Performances From the Past 5 Years

Movieline: For all the funny women in film who’ve made their mark in the past five years, it’s fair to say that women starred in better (read: funnier) films in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. There’s no contemporary parallel for Barbra Streisand, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman, Diane Keaton, or even Goldie Hawn (if you consider the critical respect still paid to much of her work). Bridesmaids may signal a comeback, but I hope it makes theatergoers consider that beyond the ten hilarious female performances of the past five years that are listed below, women still need more of a big-screen comic presence. That said, these ten are damn funny.

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-MD-4102d ago

I watched Smiley Face the other day and it wasn't very funny. I wouldn't have put that performance on a top 10 list. "Whoa man I'm like so high....." got old pretty quick.

Ellen Page probably shoulda been #1 based on these choices.

Megaton4102d ago

This list makes me realize that we have a staggering lack of funny women in Hollywood.

-MD-4102d ago

There's a lack of funny everything. It's a struggle to find good comedies these days because there are so few.

kulka4102d ago

there are some good movies coming out the best comedies always come with low budget for some reason

Soldierone4102d ago

I agree with that, however you have to admit there women lead ones are even more few and far between. All the major ones like The Hangover don't even have women in the secondary role....

We need better writers :P

Defectiv3_Detectiv34101d ago

There are a staggering lack of quality roles for women period. I will say that Kristen Wig and Tina Fey are to emerging talents in the genre.

Soldierone4102d ago

I can't stand Amy Pohler, she isn't funny and can't act in my eyes. She was good on SNL but thats as far as it gets. Along with that other women on SNL that does the annoying voice...ugh...

Also Kristin Wigg and Knocked Up? haha that moment was funny but its not hard to create funny moments with a good script.

Juno was just all around Bleh to me.

I think Easy A should of been number one. Since its the only women lead movie in recent time that has actually made me LOL, not just smile and think about what im going to do later. That and Im obviously Emma Stone biased lol

-MD-4102d ago

Emma Stone was perfect for that role.

Arcee4102d ago

Agreed. I wasn't sold on the movie at first but I am glad my wife forced me to watch it. Her performance was funnier than I could have imagined and I totally love that movie now.

Jackobinen4101d ago

Yes! There are more women on this list that I can't stand than women I like. I absolutely agree with you about Amy Pohler and Kristin Wigg but I also find Anna Faris to be incredibly annoying and Leslie Mann isn't much better. Easy A is awesome, nothing wrong there, however I don't agree with you on Juno. I love that movie! And Ellen Page is great in it.

This is a terrible list but the sad thing is I probably would've had a hard time doing a better one. There really is a severe shortage of funny women nowadays...

No_Pantaloons4101d ago

Sadly I've only see 3 of those movies.
I think they need better advertising, cause a few I never even heard of and others I didn't think would be funny so I didn't make it a priority to watch, maybe it's time for second chances.

arjman4101d ago

Emma Stone, Ellen Page and Meryl Streep pretty much sh*t all over everyone else

filmmattic4101d ago

Haha, nicely said! Emma Stone FTW. She killed it in Easy A, a film I'd otherwise have no interest in seeing.

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