Ratings: Office, Bones Finish Seasons Strong

TV line writes: The Office‘s extra-special guest star-studded season finale lured in the desired influx of looky-loos, gaining 12 percent week-to-week in total audience (with 7.1 million viewers) and surging 19 percent in the demo (to a 3.8, tops for any of Thursday’s scripted shows).

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-MD-4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Great news it deserves more episodes. It's still a great show that deserves to stick around regardless of what the whiners say.

Seasons 8, 9 and 10 gogo!

alycakes4105d ago

On Thursday, I watched The Big Bang Theory finale, Bones finale and the two hour The Mentalist finale for the face-to-face with Red John. It was one of the best season finale nights on all three counts.

Funny as hell on The Big Bang Theory if anyone else saw know what I'm talking about.

Bones...when Angela has her baby and of course the big news at the end that Bones gives Booth.

Best of all The Mentalist....what would you have done? I know what I would do if faced with the same situation. If I was in his shoes. It couldn't end any other way.

Best night ever!

JL4105d ago

Sounds like my Thursday night. Except replace Bones with The Office. I did enjoy The Office finale. And can't wait to see who the boss is next season.

The Big Bang Theory finale was great too. Hilarious. I love that show. I think it might be becoming my favorite show.

The Mentalist. I'm not as into that one as some other shows I watch, so I miss episodes here and there. But I still watch it enough to know everybody on there and knwo what's going on, etc. I definitely had to check out the finale, though. Coming face to face with Red John, that was an epic ending. I'm REALLY curious to see where they possibly go after that ending.

alycakes4104d ago

I know and it makes you wonder...what would we do if put in that situation ourselves. Not to mention the other cop, Grace, who was suppose to get married in just a few days. That had to be a shocker to her.