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Transformers Babe Takes Residence in 'Loft'

STYD: The film is set against the backdrop of a loft where a group of friends bring their mistresses. One day, however, the body of a woman shows up and the friends begin to suspect one another of murder.

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Soldierone4576d ago

Am I the only one that doesn't find her hot? Comparing her to Megan Fox is even more of a crime in my head.

Along with that I was hoping she would actually become an actress to watch for performance, but based on this she will just end up doing the same thing Megan Fox did.

-MD-4576d ago

She's way too thin and her face is pretty jacked looking. Megan Fox stomps on this chick.

mindedone4574d ago

You're not alone...but sometimes college slutty goes a long way.

alycakes4576d ago

I've been saying this all along...has no one been paying any attention to me? I guess husband says he never does.

Nes_Daze4575d ago

You would be amazed what the big screen can do with her looks.. I think she's pretty, but nothing near Megan Fox of course. Lets not act like we date actresses and models jk.

Soldierone4574d ago

Her jazzed up photos and the hollywood trailers of her are all worse. Honestly she looks better without it but still no where near hot.

alycakes4573d ago

I guess we have to wait and see what she does with her acting. If she is good at that maybe it will make up for the looks. She also has to be good at the stunts...I know they use stunt doubles but I also know they have to do part of the stunt to get the shot.

It's just around the corner so we don't have long to wait now before we get to see this....I'm getting excited..


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