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Disney, Warner Bros Courting Darren Aronofsky For Maleficent, Moses

Now that Darren Aronofsky is off of The Wolverine, he has an open dance card. And Warner Bros and Disney would like to fill it.

Sources tell me the director is being pursued by both studios for wildly different projects. Over at the Magic Kingdom they want Darren to fill in for Tim Burton on Maleficent, the live action film that would star Angelina Jolie as the beloved by drag queens Sleeping Beauty villain.

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Arcee4666d ago

Well, I am kind of a big fan of the Charlton Heston version of The Ten Commandments, so any kind of Moses flick I usually compare back to that one.

I am a big fan of the Maleficent character and think that something as odd as this could be up Aronofsky's alley.

If true, I hope he choose the House of Mouse over the Looney Bin.

Soldierone4666d ago

I don't really care for religious movies unless they add a good spin to them.

However does anyone else think of The Green Hornet when reading his name? Haha...Arnofski! ITS ARONOFSKY!

alycakes4666d ago

I get it! That's a good one. I thought they already had someone to do the Maleficent movie and that it was a done deal...had not heard things had changed.

JL4666d ago

Tim Burton was originally slated (loosely) to do it, but he backed on. Hence, now they're looking for someone else.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34666d ago

eh, not too hot on the Maleficent project, but I understand she has become sort of a cult character. Might be interesting to see what Aronofsky could do with it. I'm still holding out for him to return to his Robocop remake!

JL4666d ago

I always take any Aronofsky news like this with a HUGE grain of salt. It seems nowadays he's rumored for every director role for a mainstream movie. And studios are going after him every chance they get.

I really see him and Nolan as being the acclaimed indie directors/filmmakers that Hollywood are looking towards to bridge the gap and be something of the new faces of this next generation of movies. Now that they've lured Nolan over to the dark side, they're looking to bring Aronofsky into the mainstream as well.

I love Nolan and I think he's been something of a godsend for mainstream Hollywood movies. And I love that Hollywood is giving these indie auteurs an actual chance to become the leading filmmakers of Hollywood. It really is a nice step in bridging that indie-vs-hollywood/mainstream gap. For instance, Nolan's Inception brought the spectacle that you expect of a Hollywood movie while providing the intelligence and "depth" that indie directors and true filmmakers like to focus us. This really gave us a blockbuster unlike most of the shallow stuff Hollywood puts out usually, and I find that to be a great step for the business.

Now, get Aronofsky going down a similar path and it could be just as good for mainstream movies. He could do just as well I think and really provide some much needed substance to the style-obsessed/shallow Hollywood. But I think Aronofsky is being very careful about choosing which movie he makes that leap with.


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