( Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Review

Arcee: It’s been four years since the last movie in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was released. At World’s End shattered expectations and grossed just under $1,000M in worldwide box office sales. Now, Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush are back in On Stranger Tides, the fourth installment in the series, and early indications are that it will at least have a huge opening weekend because, as of this story being published, it has already achieved nearly $45M in box office receipts in just TWO days. But is it worthy of that opening? In my opinion – yes.

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alycakes4105d ago

As I said before and now that I've seen's a wonderful movie. I was not disappointed. All that I expected and more. Jack Sparrow even showed us his weak side even if just for a moment and there was more brought to this movie then the others.

There was a hit of morality and religion. There was even a touching love story that was beautiful and sad. The whole story was a little different than the other three and a little the same as the other three but I still loved every minute.

I'll be back next week to see it again with my sister....any excuse to see it again on the big screen.

Soldierone4105d ago

I think Penelope Cruz was the only thing I didn't like about the movie. You could tell she didn't do a lot of the action sequences, and her sister was standing in a lot more than other actors were having stand ins.

I think if they would of given her an English accent or something other than Spanish she may have been able to pull it off. He Spanish accent wasn't even there with her longer sentences. Then her face was way over exaggerated in a lot of the scenes with Jack.

Soldierone4105d ago

I wouldn't give it a perfect, and I wouldn't go as low as moderate. It wasn't better than the first Pirates, but it was defo up there with it. Much better than the second and third. Plus they closed the story off logically, while still allowing it to be open. What I mean by this is if they want to do another they have many grounds to step on. However if they decide this is enough and leave it at that, there is nothing to be mad about.

Arcee4105d ago

That's a great way to put it. As I said it the review, it wasn't great but it was by no means bad. In the end, I was very entertained by the film. Personally, I do hope they make another one. I would like to see the Sparrow/Angelica story evolve. Plus the story with Syrena and Phillip was interesting, but ended way to soon. There are definitely some plot lines I want to see continue.

alycakes4105d ago

Yes, I understand what you're saying about Cruz but she really doesn't have to be in another one either. Her sister did do most of the work thru out the movie anyway except for when she was standing still talking straight to the camera.

I just love Jack Sparrow and Johnny Depp...both of them just take me to a different place and time and I forget everything when I'm there watching the movie. Most of the other character do that too but your point about Cruz is well taken.