FilmFracture: Midnight In Paris Review

Kristen Sales of FilmFracture writes: "Yes, Midnight in Paris is a time-traveling romantic comedy, although it never feels that way. Allen's greatest trick is indulging the audience's delight in Gil's escapist fantasies while not succumbing to the temptation to bring everything back to "reality." Reality, the film argues quite successfully, is boring. Why would anyone want to hang out with Inez when they could go drinking with Hemingway? Gil's relationship problems fade into the background, and good riddance. His budding romance with an artist's muse played by Marion Cotillard, is much more engrossing. Cotillard, it must be said, in smoky eye makeup and cigarette holder, looks like she was born to play a Roaring Twenties flapper. She wouldn't look out of place standing next to "It girl" Clara Bow or the original silent film vamp, Musidora. She and Wilson have a nice, understated chemistry and their sweet but chronologically impossible romance strikes the right balance. "

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