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The Poster Premiere of John Carpenter's 'The Ward'

Moviefone: It's been a long ten years, but one of the true masters of horror returns to the big screen this summer. The mastermind behind 'Halloween,' 'The Thing' and 'Prince of Darkness' -- John Carpenter -- delivers a terrifying new batch of chills with his mental hospital-set thriller: 'The Ward.'

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-MD-4509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

Amber Heard is cool with me, I like her. Didn't even know who she was a few months ago and now I'm seeing her everywhere. Glad she's getting decent looking projects.

Just checked out the trailer for it and it looks nice. I could have done without the cheesy grab thing at the end though. poster looks decent too.

Soldierone4508d ago

Why are horror people so un creative with their titles? A majority of them start with "the" and its the most annoying thing in the world to me. Its like playing the word game, where you say a word and someone says a word to go with it...and someone always says cabinet or book...Its not creative and its stupid.

Honestly I attempt to NOT see any horror movie with "the" in the title and a good majority of them sucked anyways.

I love horror movies, I love making them, they can be really fun. But it seems its come down to people simply dying in grusome ways and the word "the" lol...Neither of which are scary anymore.

alycakes4507d ago

I like horror films but I like the ones that play with your head not the bloody ones. I'd rather see the ones that are more suspenseful and scary because you don't know what's behind the corner....stuff like that.


5 Terrible Films of 2011

ClickOnline writes: 'But not all trips to the cinema are as successful and, more often than not, its disappointment or outright rage which follows our latest journey to the movie house. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look today at some of the worst films of 2012'

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aDDicteD4292d ago

haven't watched any of those yet

n4f4292d ago

that is because you had a great year.
I saw sucker punch, indeed it was a sucker punch

Shotcalm4292d ago

i saw your highness and it was actually funny.

Baka-akaB4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

Yeah it is beyond weird to add it among the list films of 2011 when predictably horrible stuff like "Big Momma : like Father like Son" happened

Fototherapist4292d ago

Sucker Punch was really stupid.

4292d ago
Blink_444292d ago

I liked sucker punch cause of the girls :)

edwest4292d ago

I think New Year's Eve, Jack and Jill and The Three Musketeers would have been worthier candidates.

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Why So Blu: John Carpenter's 'The Ward' (Blu-ray Review)

Why So Blu?:
So has John Carpenter finally made it back into the realm of full feature films or is he a bit rusty? Rusty isn’t the proper word, but he sure is back. I do think that his focus is there, because on The Ward he only served as director and nothing more. This frees him up immensely as he does not have to worry about his own script, score, etc., because other people are now in charge of that. John Carpenter’s The Ward is a well directed horror film that was desperately needed, because the current environment of horror film schlock leaves a lot to be desired. John Carpenter’s The Ward is creepy to the extreme and who really doesn’t want to see a bunch of hot girls running around getting stalked by a ghost? I do!

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The LRA Show Ep. 15 - 13 Assassins

LRA writes: This week we take a slight departure from the summer movie madness and decided to focus on a lesser known but no lesser quality film that was just released on home video this past week which is Takashi Miike's mind blowing 13 Assassins. Discover as we did why this is a must see for everyone that considers themselves a movie lover. We also discuss some of the more recent theatrical releases such as Horrible Bosses and the first film in over ten years from legendary horror director John Carpenter, The Ward. Featured music this week is from the 13 Assassins motion picture soundtrack.

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