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Ricky Gervais: The Office's Star-Studded Finale Jumped a 'Big' Shark

TV Line writes: Ricky Gervais — who is no stranger to saying exactly what’s on his mind (See: 2011 Golden Globes) — took to his blog Friday to weigh in on The Office‘s guest star-studded finale, drudging up sternly worded (if somewhat ironic) allegations.

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Crazay4103d ago

Gervais is far from funny. Then again, The Office isn;t all that funny either so good riddance I say.

-MD-4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

It's one of the best shows on tv imo.

Megaton4103d ago

Gervais is funny and so is The Office, both versions of it. :|

-MD-4103d ago

I don't really see how the show is jumping the shark. It's really the same show its always been just without Steve. Nobody is going to miss Gabe either.

I don't agree with the people in the comments saying they should have ended it last season.

Megaton4103d ago

Gervais posted an update on this after apparently taking a lot of flak for it.


jony_dols4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

As long as Ed Helms and Creed Bratton are still in the show, I'll keep watching.

I was kinda hoping for a revealing of the Scranton Strangler....considering the shows writer's have been setting it up for the past 2 seasons & the fact Gabe was leaving anyway, it would have been hilarious if it was Gabe & Andy saved the day, by taking him out with one of Dwight's concealed weapons!

& I'm still hoping that Arnett will still become manager (even if he's supposed to be in some other Christiana Applegate crap.)

Sahil4102d ago

one of my fav tv shows and one of my fav actors :)

Veni Vidi Vici4102d ago

The show has jumped the shark. They should have ended it a year ago. Other than the occasional laugh, I (and most of my family and friends)don't find it funny at all anymore. Most people have fallen into the trap of still liking the show because it wag great at the beginning. Their continued success is a product of their initial success. Not because of anything they've done more recently.

tunaks14102d ago

Office has its ups and downs, like every other show. But the past bunch of episodes were amazing.

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