This Green Lantern Trailer Is Unlike Any Trailer You've Seen Before

Cinema Blend says

In the last decade, few genres have grown bigger than superhero films. Introducing wide audiences to characters that some have known about for decades, there's a very specific challenge in making sure that everyone can follow along with the story and not get too lost in the details. In the case of Green Lantern, Warner Bros. has designed a brand new trailer just for that specific purpose.

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alycakes3236d ago

As many trailers and previews that I've seen, I thought I'd seen them all but this is a new one. I can't wait to see the movie. My husband is taking a day off so we can go see it early before the crowds start. It really looks good....doesn't it?

Soldierone3236d ago

Besides Thor, it looks to be the best superhero movie coming out this year. The visuals are astonishing, and Im not saying that due to explosions and cities being destroyed...

alycakes3236d ago

I does look like they went the extra mile on this one. I've been saying that it was going to be a big hit and I still believe it will be just like you say.