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Adult Swim Orders Shows from Patton Oswalt and Paul Scheer, a Black Dynamite Animated Series, More

Collider says: Following in the footsteps of Time Warner brethren, Adult Swim revealed its development slate and announced series renewals today. Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 (formerly Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Childrens Hospital, Delocated, Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole, Metalocalypse, Mongo Wrestling Alliance, Robot Chicken, Squidbillies, and Superjail! are all back for at least another season.

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Megaton4097d ago

Man, I HATE Children's Hospital. It's up there as one of the worst shows [as] has ever had on the lineup, IMO. It's so brutally unfunny to me.

-MD-4097d ago

I've never seen Children's Hospital but nothing can be worse than that show on Adult Swim with the guy in like a face mask. That show is awful.

Megaton4097d ago

Children's Hospital is worse than Delocated, by far. I've laughed at Delocated. Not once at Children's Hospital. Only varying degrees of cringing.

-MD-4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

Just watched the first 6 episodes of Children's Hospital and while it's pretty bad it's nowhere near as bad as Delocated imo.

-MD-4097d ago

Why in the hell are they changing Aqua Teen Hunger Force to Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1? That is the lamest shit ever. It better be good.

Megaton4096d ago

I haven't seen much of AUPS1, but it seems like it's just the same show with a different name. I think I mighta liked it if they had changed it to look like those blaxploitation-esque promos.

Quagmire4097d ago

Cant wait for Black Dynamite, the rest can burn in hell for all i care

kulka4096d ago

to be honest i never heard of this is it worht to watch ?

alycakes4096d ago

I saw the commercial for Children's Hospital and didn't even like that so I know I wouldn't like the show.