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TheGameEffect | The Office: "Search Committee" Review

TGE: Well, it has finally come: the much-hyped, star-studded season finale of The Office featuring the likes of Ray Romano, Ricky Gervais, Catherine Tate, James Spader, Warren Buffett, Will Arnett, and Jim Carrey. While it was fun, and it was cute, it was also admittedly anticlimactic and nowhere near as funny as I had hoped (and anticipated). But then again, I was expecting sitcom fireworks...and why shouldn't I have with the comedic powerhouses slated to appear in this episode, plus the stellar ensemble cast permanently on the show?

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Megaton4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

I thought it was a bit of a let down. Only got a couple laughs out of me, and most of those laughs were because of James Spader. Jim Carrey's bit was too short. 6/10.

Entropic4097d ago

I have to agree. This episode was a complete disappointment. The guest stars seemed to be woefully underused, and their lines were hardly even funny. If Tate gets the job, I can't imagine watching the show again; she got on my nerves so badly.

Hopefully things will really shape up in the off season.

Megaton4097d ago

Completely agree about Tate, but I don't see her getting the job anyway. I liked her the least of them all. She just wasn't funny.

blazsox4097d ago

I thought it was a 20 minute episode with double commercials instead of a double episode.

JL4097d ago

I actually really liked James Spader's character. It was like Jim said "He creeps me out, but I think he's a genius" lol He could be very interesting on that show. I agree that Tate would suck.

All in all, I thought this episode was alright. Could've used some of the guest stars more. But all in all I like it. Gabe going crazy on Andy was funny. I'll miss Gabe just for that. It seems his character was actually just getting to his best and now they take him away.

I will say, I think they were smart to end the season not revealing the new boss. This leaves people talking about "who's it gonna be?" the whole while until next season which will do nothing but build hype for the next season with no effort from the network or the producers/writers. I know I'll be eagerly waiting to find out.

Sahil4096d ago

Nice episode, was quite funny :)

tunaks14096d ago

I loved the episode, they are doing a pretty good job filling the empty Steve Carell void. I would love Will Arnett to join, but I don't think its possible anymore. My second choice is Dwight, then Andy.