Shadowlocked - Top 7 Hollywood Excuses For The Next Remake

Shadowlocked - A quick search online right now and you will find frighteningly longs lists of forthcoming Hollywood remakes, some of which have already been, and in a few cases gone, without much of a fuss. With each re-imagining that hits our screens, there is an almost audible groan from the cinephiles, who are tired of Hollywood's general lack of imagination and apparent desire to stand on the shoulders of previous artists for their dollars; this is usually accompanied by a certain amount of whooping from the excited members of the audience, the majority of whom, it would seem, are actually unaware that what they are looking forward to is in fact a rehash of someone else's art. With Rod Lurie's take on Straw Dogs on the way in the Autumn, I ask this question: When, if ever, is a remake a good thing?

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Armadilo4098d ago

So many remakes and too many awful movies