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MGM, Screen Gems Team for 'Carrie' Remake

THR says:

Stephen King’s Carrie is once again heading to the screen.

MGM and Screen Gems are partnering up for the new take on the Stephen King book and have hired Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to pen the new script.

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Crazay4104d ago

If Hollywood is going back to the well with Stephen King pieces, my hope is that they'll remake Cycle of the Werewolf (commonly known as Silver Bullet). I still really like that movie but something was missing from that movie - I'd like to see more nods to the source material which had some INCREDIBLE artwork with each chapter.

alycakes4103d ago

Oh my goodness...someone else knows about Silver Bullit? You do mean the one with Gary Busey? That is one of my all time favorite werewolf movies. A good reboot would be awesome.

Crazay4103d ago

Of course i know bullet - Haime was the man.

Armadilo4103d ago

Hope this remake is better than the original jk

JL4103d ago

Where's my Cujo remake? Now that could be something worth remaking.

alycakes4102d ago

Oh Cujo was so scary to me back then. I still felt bad for the dog at the end when he got killed....after all it wasn't his fault.

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