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Office Finale Scoop: Who's The Boss?

TV Line: You know what to do – skip this story to avoid spoilers galore. The rest of you? Let’s go!

Megaton4576d ago

You know, to be perfectly honest I kinda didn't like this episode. Not because they didn't present a final resolution about the boss or anything, but it didn't feel right. It just seemed kinda... discombobulated.

I have no idea who they're going to pick for the new boss. Obviously it won't be Warren Buffett and I seriously doubt it will be Ray Romano or Jim Carrey. I think it's gonna be some new blood, so I don't see it being Dwight, Darryl, or Andy either. I still kinda think it's gonna be someone they haven't even introduced yet.

-MD-4575d ago

The only choice that makes sense to me right now is Dwight. Jo calls the shots and told Jim to give him a second interview even though she already knew about the gun. The whole episode seemed like it was leaning toward Dwight even though Jim was constantly shooting him down. Who knows though they probably haven't introduced the real boss yet like you said.

Jim Carry's accent alone makes me think he won't get it. Everybody else were just terrible for the job. I thought Darryl would do good but he doesn't seem like he can lead anybody.

My bets are on Dwight or someone completely new.

JL4575d ago

I actually wouldn't mind seeing Dwight get the job. It did feel like there was a bit of a push there. Of course that could've just been for that episode and wasn't any type of foreshadowing or anything. One reason I like Dwight as boss is because, well...he's Dwight. But also, during that episode where he was boss, you got a couple tastes of that whole Jim-vs-Dwight thing going on again. Like how Jim started messing with Dwight when they were blackmailing him. They need that element back. Those two have good chemistry when vying against each other like that.

I also felt the same way about Jim Carrey as you did. His character seemed like something he did just to be crazy cause he knew it was a one-off. I seriously don't see that being something that he could keep up for a long time. And even if he could, it would get annoying after a while.

I kinda liked James Spader. He was crazy but funny and also seemed real genius. He could make for a very interesting addition to the cast I think.

I agree on Darryl as well. Just doesn't seem cut out to be a boss, and he's such an underling type of character that it wouldn't feel right. For that same reason I don't like Andy as the boss either. He's just too timid and lacky-like to really lead the show as the boss.

Now, all that being said, I'm not even sure the writers of the show have made up their mind about who to be the boss. In fact, I'd almost be willing to bet that they haven't made the final decision and that's part of the reason they didn't announce it. Of course not announcing it does build hype for next season as speculation builds between now and then. But I think they're going to use this speculation to finally make their decision. They know this is a big turning point. There's a good possibility they're sitting back listening seeing what the fans think and use that to help make a decision.

alycakes4575d ago

You know who it needs to be? James Spader...that's who they need to pick as the new boss. Not only would they keep their fans but they would get a lot of new fans to watch the show.

Megaton4575d ago

As much as I liked Spader in last night's episode, I don't think he would be a good permanent replacement.

-MD-4575d ago

He was probably the funniest interview but he would be terrible as the full time boss. Nobody shown in the episode was fit to become manager except Dwight (if you could forgive the gun of course) and maybe Andy.

thebudgetgamer4575d ago

i tried to get into the american office, but after watching the origanal it's just not as good. i did like the first couple of seasons though.

Megaton4575d ago

I feel the opposite, and typically I like the original of anything more than a remake. I liked the UK Office too, but I like the US Office more.

thebudgetgamer4575d ago

fair enough, different stroke and what not.

JL4575d ago

I'm with you Megaton. I definitely think the US version is better. In fact, I even know several people from England that will flat out say that the US Office blows the UK Office away.

tunaks14574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

I loved the season finale, they are doing a pretty good job filling the empty Steve Carell void. I would love Will Arnett to join, but I don't think its possible anymore. My second choice is Dwight, then Andy.

alycakes4574d ago

I guess we all have to wait until the season premier to find out who's gonna run the office. They just had to leave everybody guessing.

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