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Entertainment Focus - Review: Tangled

Rapunzel (Mandy Moore – A Walk To Remember) was kidnapped as a baby by Mother Gothel (Donna Murphy – Spider-Man 2), a manipulative woman who wants to use Rapunzel’s hair for its regenerative powers. Because of this Rapunzel has never cut her hair, which now stands at over 70ft long. Whilst Gothel enjoys her fountain of youth, Rapunzel has never known her true family and is blissfully unaware that Gothel isn’t her real mother. She is also ordered to stay in her tower amid stories of the big bad world outside the safety of their home. So Rapunzel obediently follows her mother’s wishes and never ventures out, a prisoner in her own home. Then one day when her mother is away, a jewel thief named Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi - Chuck) literally drops in on her. Curious about the outside world, Rapunzel strikes a deal with Flynn to be her escort and begins a magical road trip adventure that will reveal her true past - something Mother Gothel won’t like at all.

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