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Arnold Schwarzenegger Halts Actings Projects

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In light of recent events, actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that, at least temporarily, he will not be moving forward with any of his announced acting projects.

"Governor Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters," said a representative in an official statement, "and is not willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines. This includes 'Cry Macho,' The 'Terminator' franchise and other projects under consideration. We will resume discussions when Governor Schwarzenegger decides."

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Megaton4576d ago

Saw this coming. Turns out the Terminator is kind of a total dirtbag. =/

Crazay4576d ago

Dirtbag? Really? It's not that surprising at all to me. Not because he's a "dirtbag" but because it's the norm in Hollywood. DO I respect what he did? No, but I don't disrespect him either - At least he's doing the right thing by taking care of the kid and coming clean.

Megaton4576d ago

Yeah, after he covered it up so he could get elected, he comes clean years later while leaving office. Totally the right thing to do. Such an honorable man.

Crazay4576d ago

I'm not saying he's perfect dude - just that it happened and shit happens. Do I agree with his adulterous actions? No but there are way worse things he could have done. Right now he'll feel the shame and scorn from his fans, peers and family.

If people will give Mel Gibson a standing O after all that he's done, surely people will forgive him about this too.

Megaton4576d ago

Oh without a doubt people will forgive Arnold, people are fickle, myself included sometimes. Just saying, I don't think that me calling him a "dirtbag" for doing dirtbag things is going too far.

Crazay4576d ago

Fair enough Mega - I think it was a dirtbag thing to do but Arnie has a special place for me still so I won;t call him a dirt bag.

artsaber4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

I am no big fan of Arnold, but him tearing down his housekeeper of many years is no surprise and is possibly quite the norm in Hollywood.

These famous actors are dished poon like a deck of cards all the time. They know it, their wives know it. Maria has known about this for years. Is it right, no - but there are many things "not right" with the world and she knew what she was marrying into. Get over it, and "Get to tha Choppa!"

It is time we all stop acting shocked that actors, actresses, and pro athletes have mistresses/gigolos.

kulka4575d ago

a good performance in a movie will get the fans back on his side

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darklordzor4576d ago

Yes, I feel that this is the best move. Instead of moving forward with things, at least he's taking a step back to handle his business.

filmmattic4576d ago

Probably a wise move. Lots of family turmoil to amend.

Most people will still line up for his movies including me. He's an undeniable star, but like so many before him, has some pretty damning character flaws.

darklordzor4576d ago

Since Terminator is on hold, does this mean Justin Lin can do Highlander next? Despite the many ways they could mess it up, I really want to see another Highlander movie.

hazelamy4576d ago

there is no way a highlander reboot could be worse than the last movie, the source.

i'm a big highlander fan, i enjoyed all the highlander films up to that one, but that film was a horrible confused mess.

it was supposed to answer questions about the origins of the immortals, but it just left me confused.

a phenomenon i call lostian.

as in "that show was so lostian"

darklordzor4575d ago

NOthing could be worse than the Source. That was just glad I only rented it.

Crazay4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

I'm lukewarm to the prospect of a new Highlander movie wether it's a remake, reboot or sequel. Something about the soundtrack from queen just makes the original awesome.

And not to say that Christopher Lambert is a good actor but when I think of the Highlander, he comes to mind immediately. I just can't see anyone filling his shoes as that character.

alycakes4575d ago

I just don't know anymore...I was looking forward to the Terminator...why can't they just go ahead without Arnie? I know he was suppose to have a bigger part in it but he can have his name attached to it in some way and leave it at that.

There are plenty of good actors out there much better than him anyway.

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