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New Horrible Bosses Posters

Empire Online: Following the Horrible Bosses trailer last week, we have some exclusive character one-sheets from the film, highlighting just how awful Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey are. Well, their on-screen alter-egos anyway. We defy you to look at that Farrell pic, in particular, without getting the urge to run away from your computer in disgust.

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-MD-3620d ago

I gotta say that this is near perfect casting. I've never anticipated seeing Jennifer Aniston in a film until now. Only questionable people for me are Sudeikis but he has his moments and Charlie Day (I've never seen It's Always Sunny).

Posters look good.

Megaton3620d ago

Charlie Day being a cast member instantly makes whatever this is a little funnier. You really need to watch It's Always Sunny. Out of the great cast they have, he's my favorite.

alycakes3619d ago

I saw these the other day when I was on my computer...they're pretty good.

kulka3619d ago

they are not as bad as the tilte suggests