Box Office Magazine: The Tree of Life Review

Box Office Magazine: Much like Stanley Kubrick's landmark 2001: A Space Odyssey (to which it will invariably be both fairly and unfairly compared), Terrence Malick's hotly-anticipated The Tree of Life should be fodder for considerable artistic and philosophical debate for many years to come, leaving its proper place in film history more at the mercy of indeterminate longevity than the immediacy of box office or even knee-jerk critical reaction. Aggressively impressionistic and unapologetically spiritual, Malick's long-gestating meditation on the meaning of life is, if nothing else, a singularly original and deeply personal film—a growing rarity in American cinema—with which Fox Searchlight should sustain a long and prosperous platform release well through the summer, provided they are able and willing to meet the considerable marketing challenges ahead.

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