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‘South Park’ Review: T.M.I. - TVoTV

The Voice Of TV: Like most other popular mainstream animated comedies out there, the kids in ‘South Park‘ don’t seem to age. They eventually made the switch from 3rd grade to 4th grade back when the seasons were in single digits, but since then they seemed to have been stuck there for quite some time. I don’t know about you but I could not handle doing ten years of 4th grade, I hated it. For 4th graders, the boys seem awfully defensive about the size of their junk for their age.

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-MD-4102d ago

I watched it last night but was way too tired to appreciate it. It seems like they've been bringing back old characters and gags from the early season (fan service?) in these last few episodes which I really like. The show's starting to go back to what made it so great in the first place.

Gonna have a 2nd watch later today.

-MD-4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

Much better the second go around. Not being half asleep helped. 3/5 is fair for this one.

"Don't put me on blast!" Cartman is the greatest.

Megaton4102d ago

4/5, IMO. Best episode of the new season. Many lulz were had.